Irma Sharikadze

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Self portrait 2000

Irma Sharikadze graduated in 1997 with a degree in ceramics from the M. Toidze School of Arts in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Upon completion she took classes of pantomime and performed at the Tbilisi State Pantomime Theater for two years, but she quickly realized her true talent and passion lay in the art of photography.

Her first solo exhibition “Phantom” took place in 2004 in Old Tbilisi as a part of the Tbilisoba festival. Since then Sharikadze has worked on both artistic and commercial projects with great success.

Her most well-known exhibition named “Letters” dedicated to Frida Kahlo, the Mexican Artist was held at the GMG Gallery in Moscow 2010, in St Petersburg Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta 2013 and Contemporary Art cent M17 in Kiev 2015.

Various works from this exhibition were purchased by the Moscow Museum of Modern Arts and by private foundations.

Sharikadze sates Niko Pirosmani, the world famous primitive artist, and Sergei Parajanov, a famous Gerogian/Armenian film director as her main inspirers, not only for their style but also for their personal life convictions.

The artist’s motto is as follows: «Finding and uncovering beauty is my mission. Moreover, it’s my fate. Human beauty is a mystery inseparable from love. Love is a light that illuminates tortuous paths of life and grants us freedom. Freedom to make art…»

Irma Sharikadze lives and works in Tbilisi.

Solo exhibitions & performances

2019. Performance and Opening Ceremony «Silent Garden » -Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week F W 2019\20  Writhers House Tbilisi

2019. «You and Your Goddess » -PurPur most bohemian restaurant in Tbilisi

2018. Performance  «The love story of the pomegranateflower and the poet » -Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week F W 2018\19  Tbilisi Circus

2017. Performance «The Yellow Crane Legend » -Mercedes-Benz Fashion

Week S S 2018 Rustaveli Theatre, Tbilisi

2016. Performance «I am Gypsy » -Mercedes-Benz Fashion

Week F W 2017 Royal District Theatre, Tbilisi

2016. Exhibition dedicated to The International Romani Day- The Central Park, Kutaisi

2016. Performance «Tango de Rosas» -Tbilisi Fashion Week F W 2016-17

The Basement Marjanishvili Theatre, Tbilisi

2015. Performance «Imaginary Garden» -Tbilisi Fashion Week S S 2016 Gardenia, Tbilisi

2015. «Letters» – Contemporary Art cent M17, Kiev

2014. «Letters» – KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2014, B & W Gallery, Tbilisi

2013. «Letters» – ERARTA Museum of Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg

2011. «Sky As Crown» – Gallery 9, Tbilisi

2010. «Letters» – GMG Gallery, Moscow

2008. «Substances section drawing» – Chardin Gallery, Tbilisi

2008. «Improvisation» – Purpur Gallery, Tbilisi

2004. «Phantom» – Chardin Gallery, Tbilisi

Group exhibitions

2018. «The Roots» – Art Georgia, collaboration with Gamrekeli Gallery,

Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art,Tbilisi

2018. “Georgien inside./.outside”  Gallery Lichtblick. Germany, Cologne

2016. «Woman with Silk XXI» – KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2016, Georgia State Silk Museum, Tbilisi

2015. International exhibition  «Sergei Parajanov – the dream of the XXI century.» – Tbilisi History Museum with Dream Museum (Kiev,Ukraine)

2014. Opening exhibition – B & W gallery, Tbilisi

2012 «ARTISTERIUM» – International Contemporary Art Festival, Karvasla, Tbilisi

2012. Festival Iberia «Georgia: Local Time» Netherlands, Leiden

2011. «ProART» – Photography, ProCredit Bank, Tbilisi

2008. Off Europe 2008 festival – NochBesserLeben gallery, Leipzig, Dresden

2005. Caravansarai festival – N-gallery, Tbilisi

2004. 33 export – Bamba row gallery, Tbilisi

2003. International Advertising Festival Epica – Marriott Tbilisi, Tbilisi

2001. AMCA Models festival, Tbilisi