Ajarian Bride’s Treasure

“Ajarian Bride’s Treasure” – Irma Sharikadze’s Short Documentary” is a peculiar manifest giving voice to women living in mountainous Ajara, because this tradition of creating embroidery was passed down from generation to generation through the line of women.

It is especially obvious today that this voice must be heard clearly and loudly. Therefore, the dowry embroidery of Ajarian women is an art form that can freely present Georgia from a completely new perspective to the culture of the world.

The Ajarian embroidery, as one of the greatest and most significant constituents of Georgian traditional handicrafts, is in danger of being completely lost today.

The short documentary film was supported by TBC.

In 2020, the Embroidery of Ajara was awarded with the status of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Monument.

I made this photography series in the Ajarian mountains from 2019 to 2021. Apart of this was published in National Geographic in May 2021.